Outreach - The SMILE Centre

The SMILE Centre supports multi inclusive learning and education. The centre provides a facility to provide support, advice and resources for colleagues in mainstream schools, Wyvern staff and parents.

Observations and outreach support from the Wyvern is available when required to enable differentiation for pupils both in mainstream and special school settings, in order to support and ensure inclusion for all pupils with a variety of SEN.

The Centre also works closely with colleagues in the mainstream to provide two way inclusion opportunities for Wyvern pupils to access mainstream schools and for mainstream pupils to access specific specialism at Wyvern if appropriate.

Once an initial observation has been carried out, a member of the outreach support team can, if required, work alongside the pupil and staff in the mainstream setting to support differentiation. Opportunities are also available for mainstream teachers and support staff to visit the Wyvern School to access advice and resources.

The Outreach service is accessible via LIFT meetings or by telephoning to arrange an appointment with Mandy Keefe, SMILE Centre Manager on 01233 621468