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wyvern  school introduction

welcome to our school were its pleasant and helpful .  my name is Eleanor Madlin and I’m in ks3 s3 and yes i did this letter for the first time ever .And also I have learning difficulties the best thing about the wyvern for me is the help we get and if there are any problems you can just ask for help.

Things we have here and what we have to  learn here: in the whole school so here are some of the lessons that I have on a Monday is math English break double science lunch break re music and citizenship so that all from me and I hope you enjoy it .

A voluntary independent contribution (uncorrected but Eleanor is working on capital letters).


Welcome to The Wyvern School website


I would like to welcome you to our school website. Wyvern School is a special school for children with severe, profound and complex needs that caters for learners from 3-19. I hope this website will highlight the very dynamic nature of the school and share with you our ethos, aims and values.

Having a child with any additional needs can be a daunting, lonely and frightening process, where you can feel frustrated and angry at the system and support available. The school aims to support and enable families in all aspects of their experience of school and in the growth and development of their child or children with additional needs. We work in a multidisciplinary manner with learners and we have the support of the Rainbow Centre sharing the site which is a Multi-Agency Specialist Hub (MASH) and together;

  • We will aim to get your child to be as independent as possible throughout and on leaving the school.

  • To academically reach their full potential.

  • We will give your child a positive and age appropriate experience of school.

  • We will celebrate your child’s achievements, and get to know your child as an individual and to understand their individual needs.

  • We will give your child a varied, exciting and interesting experience in their time at Wyvern School.

  • Our goal for all children is reintegration to properly supported mainstream environments. Although we know for many learners this may not be achievable.

  • We cannot guarantee that we will always get everything right, but if we do not, we will work to get to a mutual resolution and endeavour to prevent any mistake happening again.

I hope that you will view our website, look at our news and achievements, and support us in fully realising the lives of our young learners who are working to overcome significant barriers.

We are proud of our learners and the school endeavours to deliver the care and sensitivity of a family approach where every member is valued and is important.

Thank you for your interest in our school.


John Somers



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