Peacefield Fundraising Cycle & Rowing Event

Posted on: April 2nd 2019School News

Students and staff at the school took part in the Peace Field Fundraising Cycle and Rowing Event during the week of 25th to 29th March, to help raise funds as part of the school link to the Peace Fields Project, which enables children from underprivileged backgrounds of mixed ability and mixed gender to take part in the 2019 GLOBAL PEACE GAMES.

There is an opportunity to participate in a weeklong peace education programme at The Peace Village, Mesen, Belgium that will have a lasting impact on each and every young person. There is an opportunity for students from Wyvern to participate in the 2020 games.

The activity involved the whole school where students were able to either ride a two-wheel or three-wheel bikes, scooters and an adapted wheelchair bike around measured tracks located about the school playgrounds.  They could also use a static cycle, or row on a static rowing machine (to cover the distance across the channel) to equal same distance members of the CFA cycled from Canterbury to Ypres on their sponsored bike ride.

Members of Wyvern covered a total distance of 107 miles, just over the actual distance required, raising £200.  Well done to all, a fantastic achievement and thank you for your kind donations.

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