PTFA Report - February 2017

Posted on: February 27th 2017School News

Welcome to this report of the Wyvern School - Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA), my first as your chair.

We can look back on the last year with a sense of pride and satisfaction but also with a determination to achieve more. Because of your help and support we have had a successful year of events which have been well attended and supported by all.

Due to this support we have been able to contribute toward the costs of the Leavers Ball and also purchase a water wall and a hose reel for the Sensory Garden. I look forward to the opportunity to continue this support for the school in their projects for the children in this coming year.

We have had some excellent responses to our need for help at our events but to enable us to do more we need to have more people willing to give us some time. This is especially important at our larger events, for example the Christmas Fair. We need to find a way to further engage staff, teachers and parents. To this end I would like to introduce a core value to our PTFA, inclusivity, to ensure all our events are friendly to everyone, visitors and helpers alike.  

To help with communications we have created a PTFA Facebook page which is regularly updated. In addition, we also have a PTFA area on the Wyvern School website, which is in the early stages of development. There is much more we could do with this space. We also distribute regular newsletters and flyers via the school providing updates and news of our forthcoming events. 

In the short-term our aim is to continue to promote the PTFA and to build and increase the support for our events. In the mid-term we would like to investigate if it would be possible to transform the PTFA into a Registered Charitable Organisation and what the implications of such a move would be. If there is anyone who has had experience working with registered charities we would love to hear from you.  Our longer-term aim is to take on more substantial school projects where large funds are required such as the Hydro pool sensory equipment and a new mini bus.  To enable this we will be seeking associations with other charitable organisations.  We’re looking to find grant funding but as much of this is set against matching funding, it will be a challenge, and this is where any additional help will show a real dividend to the experience of children in the school.  

We have registered the PTFA with the web site Easy Fundraising and would like, over the course of the next year, to encourage its use as it really is a simple way to raise money without having to contribute directly from our own pockets as a percentage of our normal spending is donated to the PTFA if this free link is used.

I would personally like to thank every member of the committee for their support in this first year that I have been Chair of the association and appreciate the considerable time and effort they have put into organising the events we have run. 

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the school staff for their continued support of the work of the PTFA. A particular mention for Kevin and his kitchen staff, who have given up a lot of their time at our events to help cook and bake us delicious cakes for our coffee mornings, Anne for the time she gives up to help the PTFA and the teachers who have wholeheartedly supported our events.

I would like to finish the Chair’s report by thanking everyone for attending today and look forward to the PTFA achieving even greater success in the future. 

Emily Lydamore

Chair, Wyvern School PTFA February 2017