Dive into Dance Day!...

Posted on: March 2nd 2020School News

Wednesday 25th March 2020 is going to be a very exciting day for Wyvern School. This will be our very first whole school “dance” event.

Our friends Jo and Grace from Confidance are working with our students and staff to teach them dance, movement, expression and improvisation to use their bodies to get fit, have fun and learn a new skill.

We are learning that “dance” is something that everyone can do, and on the 25th March there will be lots happening! There will be pop-up performances in corridors, as well as movement opportunities in classrooms and other spaces, such as halls and outside.

Our 6th form students in Confi-Youth will be performing, and Confi-Co will be with us for the day. Confi-Co is an inclusive dance company which 3 of our school leavers are part of as professional dancers and choreographers.


All our learners will learn to connect with each other through the power of dance!