6th Form

This year in the FE department we have grouped students as far as possible by their life aspirations, rather than age or academic ability.  This has enabled us to tailor the curriculum to better meet the needs of the individual students.  Some students are taking a level 1 catering course, while others are trying different day activities, such as working on a farm, caring for animals or horticulture.  Many students also attend work experience, either with school staff or independently.

As well as the core subjects of English and Maths. We offer a range of independence, life and work skills opportunities.  These vary from group to group taking into account the learners interests and future plans.  The work we do is accredited through either the OCR Life and living skills, or AQA unit award schemes.  This gives us a broad base of different units we can choose with the learners to ensure they are challenged and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Students also have the opportunity to achieve an Arts Award exploring an area of the arts they choose themselves.  We currently have groups working on film, music, drama and outdoor art.  Bikeability, Duke of Edinburgh Award, the John Muir Award in conservation or hair and beauty can also be taken by the students as options.

In the FE we try to maintain an adult environment and encourage the students to take accountability for their own learning, building resilience, self-help skills and a passion for learning which will hopefully continue once they leave us.

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