Early Years Centre/Nursery

Young children attend our Early Years Centre (EYC) for two sessions per week and are referred to our service through KCC Severe and Complex Accessibility resources and funding.

The EYC offers intensive Observation and Assessment and works closely with parents and a range of multi-professional agencies in order to identify and support the developmental and learning needs of the child.

The EYC also offers support and advice to pupils in mainstream settings as part of our outreach service.

Our nursery teacher with her team of teaching assistants liases closely with mainstream settings to provide support and continuity for the children who attend our nursery as well as a mainstream nursery.  Due to the very small class sizes we are able to assess the needs of our children and develop strategies to support their development and prepare them for a full time education, whether that be in the Wyvern School, or another more appropriate school provision for that child.


The reception team is led by a highly experienced teacher working with an MTA and 3 teaching assistants.

The EYFS curriculum is very much focused  on child initiated play and child led learning activities.  This enables our children to explore and develop in their own way, at their own pace and encourages them to use their own personal learning styles to access learning.  The high ration of adults to pupils means that staff very quickly gain in depth knowledge and understanding of the children allowing them to support our children to develop curiosity and desire to learn.

Our outdoor learning environment is designed to encourage  play and exploration and helps our children grow in confidence and develop their social skills.  Reception class is always a fun and happy place to be.

The Early Years Foundation Stage provides children with an excellent start to school life (Ofsted 2012)

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