Maths at The Wyvern School is taught as a fully inclusive and differentiated programme which is matched to individual attainment and achievement. It is mapped to the new National Curriculum 2014 and ensures access for pupils of all abilities and need. The department has introduced and is developing the use of Numicon throughout the school from reception through to further education groups for use with all pupils including those needing visual and tactile support. Training has been disseminated to teachers and teaching assistants with our aim to include parents who wish in the future.

The aim of the maths in Wyvern is to foster enquiring minds, pattern spotting and a positive attitude through the learning process. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their work through self-reflections where appropriate and support staff are there to guide them through their learning journey. Meetings are held to share ideas, moderate levels and introduce new concepts or programmes that will continue to keep our department up to date and support our pupils in the best manner possible.

We aim to provide all pupils access to mathematical experiences and to give pupils awareness of mathematics in the environment by relating it to real life experiences and contexts. Maths is included in cross curricular activities and embedded within our school curriculum. At the Wyvern we have high expectations of achievement for all our pupils and we aim to promote an enthusiastic attitude towards maths whilst supporting them to reach their full potential.

Currently key stage classes are grouped by ability to allow the best possible class provision and learning. Our aim is to prepare our pupils for leaving the school and equip them with the skills to be independent to the best of our ability. We ensure that individuals will leave the school with accreditation suitable for them.  

For more information please refer to the accreditation section of the website.