Curriculum overview

The Wyvern School is a safe environment which aims to ensure children feel secure and supported in their learning at school. Our curriculum is aligned with the SEN Code of Practice statement of detailed differentiation and small learning steps. Each child will have a unique experience at The Wyvern School. The aim is for pupils to enjoy learning and realise their full potential.

We offer observation and assessment in our Nursery. Primary children are essentially organised by age, except where individual learning and development needs are better met at in different groups. For example, we have a Sensory Teaching Area (STAR Base) for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties and we organise the teaching of literacy and numeracy by ability grouping.

Secondary children are fundamentally organised by age but we have a STAR Base and a SKY base to meet the needs of children whose development is impacted by their complex needs or by autism. We are proud of our curriculum offer, with specialist rooms for Art, Computing, Design and Technology, Independent Living Skills and Science.


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